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About the CORE Framework

The CORE Framework aims at simplifying development for developers writing their code in the Godot Engine, version 4.2.

Why does it exist?

I (JeremyStarTM) always wrote a new base for every project... which was not only wasting my time as I've rewritten the same stuff multiple times, often times not better than the last. And that's why I created the CORE Framework, to serve as the common base for my projects. My goal is to improve and push it as far as I can to make it a good and polished base for everyone.

Should I use it?

New projects

Your answer is (probably) yes!

Existing projects

No, unless you want to do some major refactoring of your codebase. CORE implements it's own logging infrastructure, scene management and much more requiring you to essentially rewrite everything from scratch.



This table only compares frameworks that are relatively up to date with the Godot Engine (versions 4.1 and 4.2), can be found in the Godot Asset Library or are well known and are aimed at a specific game genre or general usage. Things like animation or dialogue frameworks are not in compared here.

CORE Framework Cupcakes Framework
Godot Versions 4.2 3.0 until 4.2
License GNU AGPL v3 MIT
Commercial usage Yes Yes
Oriented at General usage FNAF-inspired games
Implements base features For apps and games FNAF-like game mechanics, no base for game though
Customizable Yes No
Logger Yes No
Scene Management Yes No
Character AI No Yes
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