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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the CORE quick start guide! Here you'll learn how to use CORE efficently and how to start your journey with CORE.


Please do NOT continue if CORE is not installed or not working for you. You can install CORE by visiting this guide


This quick start guide is work in progress and will heavily change over time. The information at this point in time is accurate but incomplete.

Introduction I: The configuration file

The configuration file can be used to configure CORE to your liking and tweak it's behaviour. You can edit the configuration permanently in res://CORE/ or overwrite the config temporarily in memory using this example:

extends Node

var core: Node = get_node("/root/CORE")
var config: Node = core.get_module("Config") #(1)!

func _ready() -> void:
    logger.diag("","This diagnostic message will be hidden unless enabled permanently.") #(2)!
    config.logger_diagnostic = true #(3)!
    core.reload_config() #(4)!
    logger.diag("","This diagnostic message will be displayed even if disabled permanently as we overwrote the setting in memory.") #(5)!

  1. Imports the config module for configuration access
  2. Will be hidden unless logger_diagnostic is set to true permanently
  3. Overwrites the configuration setting "logger_diagnostic" in memory
  4. Tells CORE to apply config changes
  5. Will be displayed even if logger_diagnostic is set to false permanently as we overwrote the value in memory and set it to true
    ## Introduction II: The init script
    The initialization script (you specified in the configuration file) is injected into the SceneTree after CORE completed it's startup procedure. Your init script is responsible for loading and displaying your application. Here's a basic example of `res://` loading a scene located at `res://testscene.tscn` and freeing itself.
    extends Node
    var core: Node = get_node("/root/CORE")
    var resourcemanager: Node = core.get_module("ResourceManager")
    var scenemanager: Node = core.get_module("SceneManager")
    func _ready() -> void:"","Loading testscene")
        resourcemanager.load("testscene","res://testscene.tscn")"","Injecting testscene into SceneTree under the action overlay.")
        scenemanager.add_game("testscene")"","Removing init script")

Last update: August 25, 2023 12:34:57
Created: August 25, 2023 12:34:57